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Mark Vigil "In Expression" (1997,2001)
[Compact Disc]

 Mark Vigil   Octet "Wildflowers" Trio for flute, viola and harp (Dew Drop Dares to Play With the Light of the Sun) Interlude for solo guitar In Expression. Trio for violin clarinet and piano String Quartet #1 And yet there could be Love
Performers: Kristen Halay, flute Art Maddox, piano Bernie Scherr, conductor David Burham, viola Jill Pauls, flute Martha Griffith, harp Carol Robe, clarinet Nuju Laras Javanese Gamelan Ensemble Metolius String Quartet Oregon Women's Choral Society (Jim Steinberger, conductor)
Label: Self-Produced.
Product ID: INE55
Available From: CDBaby.com.
Available From: EJB Blue Skye Music. , P. O. Box 7785, Eugene, OR 97475. ejbmusic@markvigil.com.
Available From: Music Millinnum Classical cds. , 3158 East Burnside, Portland, OR 97214. earful@musicmillinnum.com.

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