I.Benefits of Membership in NACUSA
II.Suggestions for Forming a New Chapter
III.Chapter Concert Reports
IV.Chapter Annual Fiscal Report

I. Benefits of Membership in NACUSA for Chapters and Individual Members

Those with National membership only may:
  • Receive Composer/USA, NACUSA's official publication.
  • Publish announcements and document their compositional activities such as performances, awards, recordings, publications, commissions, broadcasts, reviews, and other news in Composer/USA.
  • Submit articles for publication in Composer/USA at the discretion of the editor.
  • List on the NACUSA website their own contact information, catalog of scores, CDs and cassettes, and links to member home-pages and audio excerpts; Make easy contact with other members listed. For more benefits, please see the "Join NACUSA" page on the website: www.music-usa.org/nacusa.
  • Enter NACUSA composition competitions for which they are eligible. See the "Composition Contest" page on the website for details.
  • Volunteer to serve on a national committee or be a candidate for an at-large position on the Board of Directors. Please e-mail: nacusa@music-usa.org.
Those with both National and Chapter membership may do all of the above PLUS:
  • Improve the new music concert scene in their own locales through volunteering for projects in their local chapter.
  • Apply for and receive donations and grants for chapter projects under NACUSA's recent tax-exempt, non-profit status. (Please coordinate with the Officers Council to avoid competing with other chapters who may be applying for the same grant).
  • Submit scores for performance consideration in response to chapter calls for scores.

II. Suggestions for Forming a New Chapter

  • Contact NACUSA's national membership chair for a mailing list of composers in the founder's region. (SCI has an online directory (www.societyofcomposers.org.) and other possible contacts include CMS (www.music.org), IAWM (www.IAWM.org), and ACF (www.composersforum.org).
  • Solicit members. Call a meeting. Find out what each member can bring to the chapter in terms of affiliation with colleges, universities, churches, community centers; and interest helping to organize and govern the chapter.
  • Form a nucleus of five or more members to form the chapter governing body, develop a plan to attract more members, develop audiences and plan concerts. The chapter can be considered official when five or more founding members have submitted both national dues and dues in the name of the new chapter.
  • Apply to the NACUSA Officers Council to obtain a Chapter Startup Kit. This may include a cash starter fund in the amount of $300, to cover specific initial expenses. Note: The "Join NACUSA!" page, which contains a list of benefits and dues rates can be "copied and pasted" into a word processing document for a founder's email invitation to potential members.
  • Publicize the new chapter, solicit members, ask for volunteers, on the NACUSA Website and in Composer/USA, and feature the leaders and chapter in articles. (If the new chapter has only a few members, they might advertise to the national membership for prospective members from other chapters who would be willing also to pay dues to the new chapter for a couple of seasons in exchange for opportunities to submit scores and provide performers).
  • Establish a chapter website to display chapter-specific information and to use national website's resources. For links to the existing chapter websites, please visit the "About NACUSA -> Chapters" page. You can also contact the NACUSA webmaster for information about resources on the national site that can be "plugged in" on chapter sites.
  • Register names and email addresses of the chapter presidents and webmaster with the national webmaster so that they will be able to use the Administrative Utilities. This superb online site is a great benefit to the administrators because it offers quick communication with members for notices, e-mail broadcasting, form letters, mailing labels, ability to check paid/unpaid status of local chapter members, etc.
  • Plan a budget and local chapter funding considering dues, fund-raising events and donations.
  • Consult with the national treasurer concerning concert reporting and fiscal obligations. See below.

III. Chapter Concert Reports (Due ASAP After Each Concert)

  • Log into the NACUSA "Members Only" page and select the "Upload a Concert Program" option to upload one copy of each NACUSA Chapter Program. Be sure to include the venue of the concert. Concerts are reported by the national treasurer every quarter to BMI and ASCAP (ending 3/31. 6/30, 9/30 and 12/31). Note that you can also use the "Update NACUSA Concert Records" option to add your concert to the "Activities -> Concert Programs" page. They're listed there in the "Upcoming Events" column until their respective dates pass and they remain permanently under the "Concert Archive" column.
  • Specify for each concert whether it was free admission, donation, or paid admission. If paid, indicate ticket revenue.
  • Send a PDF copy of the complete program with title, composers and performers to the editor of Composer/USA.

IV. Chapter Annual Fiscal Report (Due September 1st)

(to be sent electronically to the national treasurer as a PDF)

Name of Chapter ____________________ Year: July, _______ to June, _______

  • Contributions
    • Gifts (itemize)
    • Grants (itemize)
    • Donations (itemize, including in-kind)
  • Concert Income
    • Ticket Sales (itemize by event)
    • Publicity/Advertising
    • Refreshments/Concessions
  • Member Dues
  • Investment Income
    • Stocks/Bonds
    • Savings Account Interest
    • Checking Account Interest
  • Recording Sales (CD's etc.)
  • Miscellaneous Income
    • Yard Sales
    • Other Fundraisers
TOTAL INCOME ________________

  • Mailouts/Postage
  • Concerts: performer fees, hall rental, publicity
  • Fundraising expenses
  • Chapter-sponsored scholarships and awards
  • Other
TOTAL EXPENSES _______________


John Winsor