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Dues: National (regular)  = $30.00
National (life)  = $250.00
National (students and seniors age 65-79)  = $15.00
National (seniors age 80+)  = FREE
National (newsletter subscriber)  = $15.00
Chapter (regular)  = $30.00
Chapter (life)  = $250.00
Chapter (students and seniors age 65-79)  = $15.00
Chapter (seniors age 80+)  = FREE

Dues paid now will secure your membership through December, 2018. The newsletter subscriber rate is only for libraries, ensembles and other organizations. Chapter members must belong to the national organization. National and chapter lifetime memberships are available (national = $250.00; chapter = $250.00). Joint membership is available to additional persons within a regular member's household (national = $15.00; chapter = $15.00). San Francisco chapter members pay an additional $5.00 activity fee. This fee applies to all categories of membership except seniors age 80+ (regular, student, seniors age 65-79, and joint). NACUSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations in the friend/patron/benefactor categories are tax deductible as charitable contributions. Dues aren't; however, they are generally deductible as professional expenses.

The National Association of Composers/USA
P.O. Box 49256
Barrington Station
Los Angeles, CA 90049