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Playlist for October 19, 2017
(length = 01:56:24; repeats every 2 hours)

Dwight Charles Banks : String Quartet 2 mvmt 2     David S. Lefkowitz : At Onement (Miniature VI for clarinet)
Kyle Edward Henkel : Demons Under Dark Waters     Mark Vigil : Woodwind Sextet
Frank Sartain : The Awakening     Jonathon Grasse : Flutations, (part 2)
Mark Vigil : 3 Short Pieces for solo Harp Mvt. 3 (Little Toccata)     Art I Resnick : New Found Truth for solo piano
Karen Amanda Amrhein : Princess Paliné Suite 1 Gardens     Mark Eliot Jacobs : The Islands: 3. Ithaca
Mark Eliot Jacobs : The Islands: 2. Ischia     Timothy Lee Miller : 224 slices of pi
Richard Montalto : Inhale     Frank Sartain : Maintaining Focus
Richard Montalto : The Approaching Calm     Lori F Ardovino : Young Woman at a Window
Till MacIvor Meyn : Groovelocity     Timothy Lee Miller : Diviniuts I
Dale Sakamoto : So Pass the Hours: 1. How Dear to Me the Hour     Till MacIvor Meyn : Revolutions
Richard Derby : VI from "Twelve Pretudes"     Karen Amanda Amrhein : String Quartet No. 2: 3 Danse Ręve
Karen Amanda Amrhein : Euphonium Concerto with Strings -- 1 Daydream on a Thanksgiving Chorale     Jonathon Grasse : Flutations, (part 3)
Yalil Guerra : La Rumba     William MacSems : Follow Me Dearie (Chorus and Orchestra)

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