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Playlist for December 16, 2017
(length = 01:56:13; repeats every 2 hours)

Jonathon Grasse : Letters from Brazil: BH, MG     Till MacIvor Meyn : Phoenix, mvt. 3: Dawn
William MacSems : Introspection for piano & orchestra     Dale Sakamoto : I'm Folding Up My Dreams
Mark Lackey : FAIRY TALE, II: "Wicked..."     Daniel Adams : Khromas Diabolus
Kim Diehnelt : Impromptu     Art I Resnick : Toccanata
William MacSems : Paerludium     Timothy Lee Miller : The Garden of Dreams
Mark Vigil : Duo for Harp and Violin     Mark Lackey : FAIRY TALE, I: "Once..."
Frank Sartain : Marimba Etude for the Beginning Percussionist     Timothy Lee Miller : String Quartet No. 3: IV. Presto
Betty R Wishart : Prelude I     Kim Diehnelt : Stile Antico
Lori F Ardovino : The Nightingales     Betty R Wishart : Prelude IV
Lori F Ardovino : The Think     Bill Whitley : Labyrinth Walk - In Memory of John Cage
Richard Montalto : Holding     Richard Montalto : Exhale
Mark Vigil : Trio For Violin and two Harps     Karen Amanda Amrhein : Euphonium Concerto with Strings -- 3 Cascades
Art I Resnick : Bassoonette     John Winsor : Hummingbirds

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John Winsor