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Playlist for March 25, 2017
(length = 01:54:03; repeats every 2 hours)

Yalil Guerra : Tres Piezas Cubanas: III. Zapateo     Timothy Lee Miller : Kid's Play: III. March
Timothy J. Brown : Infinity     Karen Amanda Amrhein : Hamilton Street Concerto: 3 Autumn Woods
Claire Karst Rivero : Kyrie Eleison     Yalil Guerra : Suite Cubana. III. Punto Guajiro
Richard Derby : "March" from Suite for Brass Quintet     Lori F Ardovino : Diversions (Mvt. 1)
Vivian Adelberg Rudow : Johns Song Variation 1.  Bogart     Richard Derby : "Fanfares" from Suuite for Brass Quintet
Yalil Guerra : Suite Cubana. I. Aire de Cha Cha Chá     Frank Sartain : Maria and The Bear
Deane E. Bottorf : Weekdays suite-Thursday     Stephen L. Syverud : H A R M O N I E S for Paul
Joe L. Alexander : Playtime for tuba-euphonium ensemble     Lori F Ardovino : Diversions ((Mvt 2)
Timothy Lee Miller : Kid's Play: V. Scherzo     David Stephen Bernstein : LATE AUTUMN MOODS AND IMAGES
Deane E. Bottorf : Weekdays Suite-Wednesday     Karen Amanda Amrhein : Hamilton Street Concerto: 1 Allegro
Claire Karst Rivero : On Gratitude     Stephen L. Syverud : Serenade
John Winsor : Caribbean Sunset (small orchestra)     Nancy Bloomer Deussen : Ascent to Victory
David Stephen Bernstein : LATE AUTUMN MOODS AND IMAGES     Lori F Ardovino : Diversions (Mvt 3)
Claire Karst Rivero : Place Your Mind in the Mirror of Eternity     Mark Vigil : Dragonfly Idyll
Karen Amanda Amrhein : Little Nemo in Slumberland: Fanfare (Dreams of Little Nemo)     Vivian Adelberg Rudow : John's Song, in memory of John J. Hill
Lisa Ann Marsh : Why Broken Heart     Mark Vigil : The Sun and The Sunflower

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John Winsor